Couples Massage Class

Couples Massage Class

This is a class designed for couples who would like to learn how to enrich their relationship through massage therapy with a licensed practitioner.  You will learn how to massage your partner Thai massage style which will allow the most effect method and the least amount of equipment required.  This style of massage does not require a massage table or any other equipment.  This is the perfect way to spend a few hours together and learn how to workout out your partners knots and stressful areas without hurting your hands.  Each class sessions includes refreshments (water or tea) and a snack (pretzels or crackers and cheese)

How often do you hear from your partner these words?  I’m sore can you rub my shoulders?  My low back is bothering me can you massage my back?  Is that suppose to hurt?


Semi-private class is made up of 2 – 3 couples and cost $150 and will last 2 hours and 30 minutes.

1 on 1 private instruction: $200 a couple and will last 2 hours

Future dates:

If you would like to book a sessions, please call or e-mail the office and I will find a time that fits both of your busy schedules.


This partners massage class will focus on the basic principles of Thai Yoga massage techniques that will allow you to learn easy tips for the back, feet, hands and shoulders ect.  If you find yourself stressed after a long day at the office you will want to try a new skill, this is the class.  The goal is for each participant to walk away with tips for helping their partner loosen tight muscles and how to do it safely.

What to wear:

Please choose loose fitting clothes like yoga attire.  You will be fully clothed during the class so no need to change or worry about wearing a swim suit.  We will be working on the floor on a comfortable mat.

Each session is tailored to fit the couples, so no handouts are provided.  If you would like to record the class please bring a recording device.