Pilates For Golfers

Golf requires repeating the same basic movements over and over.  This recipe is not good for our bodies.  Golfers are prone to rotator cuff, elbow, wrist, back, hip and knee injuries.  If you don’t have sufficient strength or flexibility to swing correctly you are going to feel the low back ache the next day.  Even worse, the twisting and torqueing of the body during a golf game can take a toll on your muscles and joints.   The result is some muscles become overused, and other muscles weaken.  You need balance

 Many golfers are now turning to Pilates in Denver to help keep their body in balance.  Pilates strengthens the core of the body, improves hip rotation, shoulder movement, and flexibility. Strengthening the body from the inside out is the number one way to improve muscular imbalance in golfers. ¹

A stronger core helps golfers:

  • Attain optimal backswing and follow-through
  • Increased range of motion in shoulders
  • Get more distance
  • More power for rotation
  • Smooth Swing
  • Better Balance with rotation
  • Play without pain!

A strong core also improves your posture and lessens the pressure on your back and neck, which often leads to acute pain and inflammation. ²

Set Up For Success

In order to really focus on the areas that are affected by golf, it is advised to strengthen the shoulders (specifically rotator cuff), back and hips. Increasing flexibility and focusing on spine rotation are a key element.


After working with several golfers in my Denver Pilates studio, I have developed a Pilates golf program that is shown to improving my clients game. The classical Pilates Method developed by Joseph Pilates is a low impact that benefits all bodies. ³ 

Try Classical Pilates

Whether you are a novice or advanced golfer, Pilates could be the answer to improving your performance, preventing injury, or helping you to recover from an injury.  There are many benefits to a regular Pilates practice, so why not try something new?  Call to get your first intro session FREE


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