A foam roller is one of my favorite Pilates props I like to use when I teach online classes. The addition of the foam roller can elevate your home Pilates routine by providing support and feedback on where the body is in space.

Usually, you would see people at the gym rolling for self-massage or in a stretching class. To change things up, I wanted to show how you can use this to enhance your Pilates Practice on the mat.

The foam roller come is different density ranging from low-density all the way to high density. Now what is the difference? Well for rolling the low density is a great place to start. The only con is with the low-density foam roller is that it can cave in order time or produce a low spot. The high-density roller is very firm and has no give. I would suggest you move up to the high density after the body adjust to the low-density foam roller. The pro in this one: the high-density foam roller will not develop a low spot.  I recommend this low-density roller to start.

Pilates Exercises on the roller

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Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge:  Just like on the reformer this exercise starts with one arch on the roller and the other leg bent behind you.  Inhale and extend the front knee slightly and exhale to return to start.  How straight you front leg can go will depend on your level of flexibility.  Remember everyone is at a different level so start small.

Spine Stretch Roller

Spine Stretch Forward:  Start with your ankles elevated on the roller and sitting up tall like the capitol letter “I”.  Let your hands be on your legs.  Inhale and carve a capitol “C’ with your spine and exhale to stack your spine up to the starting “I” position.  You begin the exercise with your head and end at the head.

Roll Over Roller

Roll Over:  This is one of the harder exercises from the Level 2 Classical Pilates repertoire.  Use a prop to help give you the extra lift your need until the body gets stronger and you no longer need a prop.  Start with the roller under the sacrum and your hands on top.  Inhale to prepare and exhale to lift your legs parallel with the floor and inhale to return home.

I really hope you got some inspiration from this Pilates prop post today.  Follow us in Instagram @denverpilatesgirl.  If you try any of the above exercises, leave us a comment and let us know how they helped you.  Have a great day!

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