Pilates For Skiers and Snowboarders

It is that time of year people in Denver, Colorado love.  It is ski season!  Many of my clients love to visit Copper Mountain or A-Basin Ski slopes every weekend to take advantage of Colorado’s natural landscape.  I recommend Pilates for skiers — for cross-training, injury prevention, and recovery after a day on the hill.

When in proper ski posture, the knees soft and your spine is leaned forward.  Picture this: getting up from a chair with no hands.  This is the same basic movement you will perform when skiing.  If you practice yoga, it’s like chair pose.

The most common injuries I see from skiers are the tears to the ligaments that support the knees.  The most common injured tendon of the knee is the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament), and meniscus.

Here are my Ski tips

  • Don’t twist your knees
  • Engage your core while skiing
  • Keep your skis inline with your inner thighs

To help build your core I have a beginner Pilates video that you should check out.  It requires no equipment.  All you need is your mat and your body.  It is less than 45 minutes long and provides some strength and stretch.

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If your planning a visit to  Copper Mountain, take a session in the studio or ask us how to prepare your body for your next weekend on the mountain.  If you are in the Denver, Colorado area stop by and check us out.  Click Here to Schedule a Pilates Session or comment below.  I hope your Ski Season is full of white powder and sunshine.

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