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How to find the best Denver Massage therapist?

Welcome to the best massage near me Denver.  Do you love outdoor sports, adventures, trekking, etc., but does your body cooperate with your interests?  Is any past injury meddling with your hobby?  Do you often feel stressed due to long working hours?  Are body pains making you think twice about playing sports or taking a walk with your loved ones?  Never mind, you are not alone!  It’s a common problem for many people.  Apart from the physical pain, it can sometimes spoil your peace of mind too.  We, at massage services Denver, help you prevent any injury due to improper exercise and massage.  It’s time to stop worrying now as you have come to the best Denver Thai massage therapist.  Even if you consider yourself fit enough and do not have any problem, it’s still good to feel more refreshed and also increase your strength.  After all, prevention is definitely better than cure! Learn more about this service by visiting or Ultimate Serenity Google Site.


Denver Message Therapy

Our Goal

I am Lisa, a Denver massage therapist.  I am not the one who preaches but not practices!  I myself had the thoughts of retiring from the Denver massage therapy business due to body aches.  It was then that I came to know about Pilates and Thai Bodywork.  These helped me teach my body to move well and now I can do workouts and ride a bike as much as I want.  My goal is to make your body flexible and eliminate any pain you may be experiencing due to your workouts or any other activity.  If you also are on the verge of giving up, please don’t!  As the best Denver massage therapist, I assure you that you can play for long hours with your kids, without worrying about any consequent body pains.

Wondering how it is possible?  At the Denver massage therapy, we teach new patterns of movement to improve your body posture.  The right type of massage for your body reduces the pain and relaxes your mind and body.  Pilates helps in increasing strength, posture, and balance.  So, it’s needless to say that a combination of massages and Pilates can improve your fitness level. Thus, you would even improve the overall quality of your life!

Denver Massage Therapist Offerings

Our primary offerings at Denver massage therapy include Swedish massage, PilatesThai Fusion, and Couples classes.  It’s good to know what each of these offerings entails so that you can decide the best one for you.

Swedish Massage Therapy

In Swedish massage therapy, we apply light to medium pressure.  This makes your body and mind relax. However, if you wish to have a high-pressure massage, you can ask for vacuum cupping as an additional option.  The cups used for cupping create a suction.  This quickly promotes soft tissue healing and raises the connective tissue.  This process increases blood flow to the adjacent muscle groups and skin. The cupping action stimulates your nervous system.  Thus, it results in a deeper, more relaxed state for the entire body.


If your primary interest is to increase your core strength, Pilates is the best offering at Denver massage therapy.  You may think that yoga is better than Pilates.  However, each has its pros and cons, and further ideal for different needs. Yoga is primarily useful for meditation, flexibility, and balance.  Pilates is ideal for fast recovery after an injury.  Also, it is a better option than yoga for improving core strength, and to improve posture.  Moreover, it makes the body mechanics better.  We have to credit Joseph Pilates for this great method of conditioning the whole body.

Thai Fusion

Thai massage is popular across the world. It is known because of its healing benefits.  These benefits include injury rehabilitation, relief from stress and chronic pain, lowering inflammation, and many more.  Furthermore, it increases the body-mind link and flexes muscles.  Also, it improves postural balance. Thus, it is one of the best offerings to heal fast.  As the icing on the cake, we at Denver massage therapy fuse deep tissue massage into this modality, hence Thai fusion.  This combines stretching, joint movements, and deep compressions.  Something unique in this offering is that the client can be fully clothed. Also, we do not apply any cream or lotion during this session.  Additionally, to make it comfortable for you, we perform it with a mat on the floor.

Couples’ Class

Going on a date and want to do something unique?  We offer a Couples’ class that focuses on the basic principles of Thai massage.  Also, we explain easy techniques for working on your partner’s feet, shoulders, hands, and back.  You will learn the skills to apply the required pressure ensuring that you do not wear out your hands while doing the massage.  Our goal here is for each couple to be satisfied with the tips learned to help each other loosen their muscles.  Moreover, you could do it safely in the comfort of your own home, especially during the covid pandemic and lockdown restrictions. A noteworthy point here is that each training session is customized to suit various couples.  Isn’t it a romantic idea to massage your partner?  Please do not expect handouts or a certificate of completion though, as it is a fun learning session.

Far away from Denver massage therapy?

Do you stay far away from our location in Denver and hence dropping off the plan of joining us?  Or, are you worried about taking the risk of traveling during the pandemic?  Or, are you a busy homemaker who does not have time to come to our studio?  Whatever be the reason, we have an easy solution.  We do offer video classes on-demand with the Ultimate Fit Club membership plan. Currently, Pilates, Resistance Bands, Weight Training, and Stability Ball video classes are available.  We plan to launch the Couples’ massage course in the fall of 2021.  However, if there are more requests from valuable customers like you, we would possibly launch it sooner.

Membership Plans

Ultimate Fit Club

The Ultimate Fit Club membership plan has many exclusive features. You gain access to more than 50 videos.  Each video duration varies from 10 to 55 minutes.  You can practice from wherever you are, thus avoiding the need to drive to a gym or a fitness training center.  Moreover, we add new classes every month. Whether you are a novice or an expert, it doesn’t matter!  Whatever the level of fitness freak you are, we have videos suitable for you.

You also get access to videos that explain how to perform exercises and stretching.  Most of the time, it is difficult to use new equipment. Fitness equipment is no exception.  So, we have included videos that explain how to use fitness equipment.  Also, we provide some videos that help you address tight or sore areas in your body.  These self-care videos are very useful, to say the least.

In addition to the above features, you will be able to join a private group on Facebook.  It is an interactive group to give you support and accountability.  Moreover, you are likely to be inspired by your peers, reading through their success stories.  More importantly, we are available to answer questions and comments. You can ask anything ranging from requests for specific classes and anything related to fitness in general.

Private Facebook group

There are so many more reasons to join the private support group of Denver massage therapy on Facebook.  Questions and answers, notifications, and training are posted in the group.  It is an invaluable resource to learn. It would help you decide which classes are best suitable for you.  Also, you can share your training progress.  You could also motivate others.  Participation is the key to get the most out of the group.  Alternatively, you can also occasionally log in to check the updates.  There is no obligation on your part to post anything.

We are sure you’ll enjoy our video library and make the most out of it.  We offer a free trial for members who would like to try it out first.  In addition, there are no cancellation fees and hidden charges.  Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Monthly plan

If you do not opt for the Ultimate Fitness Club membership, you could opt for a monthly membership. You get unlimited access to more than 30 workout videos for a single fee.  The classes in the plan range from standard Mat, Mat with props, focused workouts, and tips. Also, you get access to a virtual video fitness library.  Similar to the previous plan, you will be allowed to join the private online support community.  Moreover, there are no cancellation charges and hidden fees.  We are sure that you will love it and won’t cancel it though.  Due to the digital nature of our videos, we do not offer any refunds, but as mentioned earlier, you can cancel the membership anytime.

Rent a video

If you want to just try one class first, we provide an option for it too. You can rent a single video and have access to it for 48 hours. Once you watch it, we are sure you will opt for either of the plans mentioned earlier.

Why not opt for free online videos?

As there are plenty of fitness videos available on the internet, you may be in a dilemma as to what makes the Ultimate Fitness Club membership different?  Furthermore, many of those videos are free.  So, you may wonder what’s so special that needs paying for our membership.  Apart from the benefits mentioned earlier, you will get personal contact with the trainer myself.  That’s one more reason why we say that we are the best Denver massage therapy center.  Can you expect free online videos to give you personal contact with the trainer?  Definitely not.

One more drawback of the free online training videos is that most of them primarily focus on the number of classes.  Furthermore, you will not know if the trainer in the online video is a certified trainer or not.  You will also not know the experience of the trainer.  Even if they mention their years of experience, it may not be trustworthy.  There is a risk that you may end up in excruciating pain if you have some questions and do the exercise without a proper answer from the trainer.

Why are we the perfect Denver massage therapist?

On the contrary, we focus primarily on the quality of classes, rather than quantity.  Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Classical Pilates Teacher.  We have over 20 years of experience.  You will be able to contact us directly.  So, it will be helpful if you have any questions about the content of the training videos.  Before practicing what is found in the training video, you can reach out to us to clarify anything unclear.  However, you may not have that need as our videos are clear enough.  As you’ll have the contact details of the top Denver massage therapy, you can talk to Lisa about anything else related to fitness too.

Are you still not convinced that we are the best Denver massage therapist?  What makes us different from others is that we ensure to teach proper form and provide a variety of classes. More importantly, you will experience a personal touch with us.  We teach all exercises with the correct posture and form.  Thus, we ensure to engage you to the core.  Working with the proper form is important to avoid any injury.  Have you heard of people getting badly injured due to exercising improperly? Especially if they wanted to recover from an injury, it would be like rubbing salt on the wounds.  You may even lose interest in exercising if such a thing happens.  As we are the best Denver massage therapy center, we ensure that it never happens to you.

Still any concerns?

To emphasize what we mentioned earlier, we provide a wide variety of classes making us the best Denver massage therapist center.  These will suit all fitness levels. It would be odd if you are a beginner and we give you expert training, isn’t it?  Also, if you are already at a medium or high level in fitness, you may find it ridiculous if we teach you the basics again.  However, we can still refresh your basics if you need.  Through repetition, you will improve your breathing, strength, and flexibility.  Also, you will find an improvement in your stamina and posture over time.

You may have heard of someone who started exercising, but later stopped.  It might be the case with you too.  One of the primary reasons for people discontinuing exercise after some time is the lack of motivation.  So, as the best Denver massage therapist center, we motivate and challenge all fitness levels.  Apart from performing the exercises correctly, challenges help you go to the next level in your fitness.  We also give you options to get individual attention in person if you wish, as we are the top Denver massage therapist center.

If you still have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to see you more fit, healthy, and live life to your heart’s content.