Ultimate Serenity

Calling all athletes, weekend warriors, and movement enthusiasts!

I'm combining my years of experience in Pilates, Massage Therapy and Personal training to decrease your pain, improve your performance, and make you feel your best.

How I Can Help!

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Massage Therapy

Looking to lay back and let someone else ease the tension and soreness from your workouts and all life throws at you? With a focus on injury prevention and alleviating painful muscular conditions, you can just lay back and relax.

Private Pilates Sessions

Experience the benefits of one on one Pilates training tailored to your abilities and goals. You will have access to a variety of apparatus that can assist or challenge you during your session.

Personal Training

Want to workout but don't know where to start? A training session is a designed to give you the personalized attention so you can move with confidence and increase your strength. I tailor your program to fit your goals, because fitness is not a one size fits all.

TRX Circuit Classes

Want to improve your balance and strength? Try our TRX classes suited for any fitness level.

The Power Of Movement!

Calling all Weekend warriors, Outdoor lovers and Pilate’s enthusiasts! My name is Lisa and it is my goal to decrease your pain from inflexibility!

  • Do you have an old injury stopping you from your hobby?
  • Do you need to recover faster after a long weekend hiking in the mountains?
  • Is your job stressing you out?
  • Is pain is keeping you down?

I can relate! Performing massage therapy in Denver for many years was taking a toll on my body and I was ready to retire until I found Thai Massage and Pilates. Now I can bike and workout as much as I want and teaching my body to move better was the key to my success!

My goal is simple. Teach your body new movement patterns to improve posture, decrease pain through massage and improve quality of life. I want YOU to enjoy the hobbies that make you smile and run a 5K until your heart is content. Massage and Pilates can transform your body so you can enjoy running around with the grandkids and climb the highest 14er Colorado has to offer.

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