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A note from Lisa:

If you found this page, it is because you’ve been enjoying my Pilates classes on YouTube.  I’m so grateful, I can help my Pilates community.  Your ongoing support, view, comments, and emails motivate me to continue offering these videos to my community.  I love hearing how the Pilates classes have helped you decrease your pain!  It’s my goal to make Pilates and movement accessible to everyone and offer a quality virtual studio experience in your home.

​There’s a lot that goes in to making these videos to you online, including class planning, setup and breakdown of studio filming equipment, and video editing.  It typically takes 2-3 hours to edit one 30-minute video.

If you are willing to donate  $3 to $10, it makes the work of creating the Pilates videos for you more affordable!  With your donation, I am able to upgrade my lighting and filming area to make it brighter for you to see me during the Pilates On-Demand.  This is my full-time job.  I teach Pilates in person and online.  If you are unable to donate, that’s ok and I’m happy you are here and part of this Pilates community.

Thank you!!

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