At Ultimate Serenity Bodywork we feel confident in the Peak Pilates equipment we use to keep all our clients safe and healthy! Peak Pilates equipment is recommended by Pilate’s professionals throughout the world. Look no further than our Denver Pilates studio for a total body workout using a combination of the reformer, tower, chair, and high ladder barrel!

Joseph Pilates based his work on three principles: Breath, whole body healthy and commitment. The whole body includes the mind, body and spirit. With the advancement of his teachings, he and his wife Clara created several different types of Pilates equipment that is currently used around the world. Join Ultimate Serenity Bodywork in the University Hills neighborhood to familiarize yourself with the variety of apparatus our stuido has to offer.

Pilates Reformer & Tower Unit (TWS)

The type of class that we feel you will get the most out of the one-on-on sessions. The session is a 55-minute class tailed to your specific needs and fitness goals. Private classes will improve your posture, balance, and the mind body connection. Pilates helps in increasing strength, posture, and balance. So, it’s needless to say that a combination of massages and Pilates can improve your fitness level. Thus, you would even improve the overall quality of your life!

Pilates High/Low Chair

This piece of Pilates equipment consists of a small platform with two metal handles, and a split pedal with springs attached. The chair is used for all level Pilates students. In a typical lesson, you will get to use all the apparatus the studio has to offer. You can use this piece of equipment for lunges, step-ups or to press the pedal down for a fun foot work series.

Are you still not convinced that we are the best Denver Pilates Studio? What makes us different from others is that we ensure to teach proper form and provide a variety of classes. More importantly, you will experience a personal touch with us. We teach all exercises with the correct posture and form. Thus, we ensure to engage you to the core. Working with the proper form is important to avoid any injury. Have you heard of people getting badly injured due to exercising improperly? Especially if they wanted to recover from an injury, it would be like rubbing salt on the wounds. You may even lose interest in exercising if such a thing happens. As we are the best Denver Pilates Studio, we ensure that it never happens to you.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is a tool we use often during a private session or virtual class. It can be used to provide myofascial release (think deep tissue massage), it can provide support in modifying an exercise or it can progress an exercise to make it more challenging! The foam roller is a great self care tool that you can add to your home gym with a small footprint.

Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates ring is referred to by numerous names. Many of our clients call it the ring of FIRE! It is also known as the Magic Circle. The ring adds a nice little muscle burn when performing exercises. We use the magic circle in the studio to provide feedback for your body so you can feel which side of your body is working or feel any muscle weakness.

Do you stay far away from our location in Denver and hence dropping off the plan of joining us? Or, are you worried about taking the risk of traveling during the pandemic? Or, are you a busy homemaker who does not have time to come to our studio? Whatever be the reason, we have an easy solution. We do offer video classes on-demand or bundles with the Ultimate Fit Club membership plan. Currently, Pilates, Resistance Bands, Weight Training, and Stability Ball video classes are available.

How to find the best Denver Pilates Studio?

If your primary interest is to increase your core strength, Pilates is the best offering at Denver massage therapy. You may think that yoga is better than Pilates. However, each has its pros and cons, and further ideal for different needs. Yoga is primarily useful for meditation, flexibility, and balance. Pilates is ideal for fast recovery after an injury. Also, it is a better option than yoga for improving core strength, and to improve posture. Moreover, it makes the body mechanics better. We have to credit Joseph Pilates for this great method of conditioning the whole body.

Even if you consider yourself fit enough and do not have any problem, it’s still good to feel more refreshed and also increase your strength. After all, prevention is definitely better than cure!