Small Group Classes

Are you tired of your neck and upper back aching after a long day in front of your computer?  Our fully equipped classical Pilates classes in Denver gently and safely improve your posture with low impact movement.

Have you always wanted to try Pilates, but find yourself hesitant to join a class or a Pilates studio?  Look no further other than Denver’s University Hills neighborhood to book your Private Pilates Class today!

At Ultimate Serenity Pilates your Pilates class is the next best thing to personalized attention you would receive from a private class.  We make it convenient to schedule your class and welcome all fitness abilities.

Try a Private or Duet session with a friend and let movement be your medicine.

Pilates Classes

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What to expect in a Pilates class?

The Pilates class will begin with a quick mat routine and then work the body from all angles – lying down, seated, and face down on the mat!  With The Pilates Studio Denver expect a tailored experience – with a small class size of five -eight students.  Our professional and classical trained teacher ensures you are moving properly and having fun in this flowing workout class.

The classes incorporate all the key concepts of Pilates equipment Denver such as posture, breathing, core stability, precision movement and flexibility.  The Pilates classes are low-impact.  The mat exercises may also be combined with other props such as small hand weights, Pilates balls, TheraBand’s, and magic circles.  Live Stream is an option that is available for you to follow along at home if you are unable to make it to the studio.


Pilates Mat Classes| $20

Why choose a Pilates group class?

At Ultimate Serenity, your class will be more budget friendly than a Semi-Private or Private Class.  You get a fun workout without the higher price tag.  This is a great way to find out if Pilates is a good fit for you.  Pilates Mat work is just the foundation to the Pilates system.

If you are new to the Denver area and want to sign up for small group Pilates, contact us with your information and your preferred time.  You may also book online and a reminder link will be emailed before the start of the class.

FREE Pilates!

You can work with me for FREE on YouTube.  I upload short workouts once a month These are short less than 30 minute workouts you can do at home.  These Pilates workouts are designed to work the body as a whole no mater your fitness level.  I encourage you to move daily, whether that is joining me live or doing Pilates pre-recorded.  My top priority is building a strong community of healthy people who love to move.  I don’t care if your workout clothes don’t match, or your hair is a mess.  No judgement here!  Join me and let’s move together.

You can also sign up for a fit club membership and get access to longer workouts and a workout calendar that is not available on YouTube.

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