How to deal with foot pain?

Are you looking for Foot Pain Relief for Runners? Do your feet hurt during or after you go for a run? Do you have pain in your arch, on your toes, heel, side of the foot, toenails, or the bottom of your foot?

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If so, you’re not alone.

Foot pain is a common issue in both novice and advanced runners. In fact, it’s so common that runners typically develop one injury every year. And, it’s really no surprise—runners put their feet through a lot!

Try this quick video after your next run to take care of your feet and shins.  I recommend Rock Tape Balls they come in two different sizes.  once the size is Medium with spikes and the other is like a lacrosse ball.  I suggest you try this a few times per week to cut down on the tight muscles in your feet and ankles.  Your legs take a beating from running and another way to speed up recovery is a weekly Thai foot massage Denver session.  If you have any comments, please leave me a message.

If you are in the Denver Colorado area and would like to schedule a Pilates session to help you with your running gait, give us a call.

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Try this short video to help strengthen your feet.  CLICK HERE

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