How to strengthen your feet at home with a towel!

Do you want a better gait for running?  Me too!  As you might know, the feet are the foundation of your body.  Just like a house you need a solid foundation to hold you up.  In a Pilates Reformer class, we typically begin with a series of exercises called “footwork.”  The series works the reflex points of the feet including the heart, lung and kidney.

The reason we pay such attention to the feet is needs strength and mobility in the arches .  Wikipedia describes an arch as “a structure that spans a space and supports structure and weight above it.”  The arch of the foot is different on every human.  Some people have fallen arches while others can have flat arches.  

The Human Foot

 The 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot create a highly stable base and a propulsion power.  Keeping the foot in healthy condition takes daily work 🙂.  Exercises that improve range of motion and mobility may reduce your injury risk. Slow and gentle stretches will improve your flexibility.  Strength exercises will allow your muscles to provide better support while running and improve your stride.  It is important to train the body as a whole but we often forget about the feet.  

Common Errors

To make this effective for your feet try and avoid these common mistakes:

  • Letting your heel come up while moving the towel.  Keep the heel firmly planted and lift your toes and arch.
  • Improper posture.  Keep your powerhouse activated, shoulders relaxed and arms beside you.  Make sure your hip and knee are in a straight line as well as knee and ankle.  This is a 90-degree angle.

Building Blocks

If you are unable to stand you can do this exercise seated on a chair.  You only need to perform 3-5 repetitions for the exercise to be effective.  In Pilates we focus on quality of movement vs quantity.  You want to perform it correctly the first time.  Our Pilates studio in Denver uses this exercise in our private sessions to train your feet.  This is a common classical Pilates ending that is helpful for people that are runners or weightlifters.  

What I Offer:

Whether you try Classical or Contemporary Pilates, you will see a difference in just 10 sessions.  Here at Ultimate Serenity In Denver, I focus on the attention to detail your body needs to decrease faulty movement patterns and reduce pain.  In a small group setting you can lean the foundations of the classical method as Joseph Pilates intended.  Pilates is for everyone.  If you are not flexible, no problem. 

If you and your partner want a solution you can do at home, I also offer Couples Massage classes by appointment only.  If you live outside the Denver, Colorado area you watch On Demand and follow along as we go through the massage sequence.  We split the body parts up and cover a new area each month.   Lets work on a goal together and get you back to your favorite hobbies with less pain.


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