Pilates For Runners

Summer is upon us, and with the nice weather comes all the marathons and 5k’s a runner can dream about.  Injuries are not at the top of any athlete’s list.  At Ultimate Serenity Pilates we offer a full body, low impact workout to get you ready for your next race.  If you plan on spending some time on the trail, here’s why we recommend you add Pilates to your program.

Why Pilates Movements Benefit Runners?

The most common injury for runners of all ages is knee pain.  Running is a quad dominate for of exercise and has impact on your joints. In order to prevent injury’s and run with proper form, it is important to cross train during your season and in the off season.

Cross training should include active warm up stretches before your run to get ready for the activity.  A tool I suggest to all my runner clients to have in their home gym is the wobble board.  You can use the wobble board to stretch and work the stabilizer muscles in your ankle joint.  Running requires mobility and stability of the ankle joint depending if your a trail runner or running on concreate.  To work your ankle in all directions start with the wobble board forward and back taps then add in side to side.

How Can You Improve Your Gait?

If you experience Pilates in the past you quickly realize that your once side of your body is stronger than the other.  The human body is like sisters, meaning each side is not the same.  People can develop muscle imbalance where one side is working much harder and that can effect your running gait.  Pilates is a system of movements that works from your core outward.  It works your arms and legs unilaterally.  If one side is weaker we train that side with an extra set.  Pilates can teach proper posture and identify weakness that inhibit proper gait.

Benefit of Consistent Pilates Practice

  • Increased Core Strength
  • Reduce Injury Risk
  • Better Balance
  • Breath Control
  • Body Awareness

Denver Pilates Classes

Here at Ultimate Serenity Pilates Denver we teach classes that all runner’s can benefit from and see results.  We offer classes on the Reformer, Tower and Stability Ball.  Work out in a small group setting with like minded people.  All our classes are taught by Peak Certified Instructor Lisa Wolkerstorfer.

If you are looking for a quick routine to help you with ankle strength try this wobble board video to get you started.  Click here to access our free videos.

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