We’re seeing more and more Pilates studios offering virtual options for people to join online classes and follow along virtually with a Pilates instructor.  While virtual Pilates may have gained popularity through Covid-19, now that the option is accessible, you have the option to workout without leaving the house. Or you could head into your local Denver Pilates studio to get that in-person experience. Which is best for you? Let’s talk details.

Why Choose Virtual Pilates?

The convenience and comfort of doing Pilates at home through our virtual classes can’t be beat.  Fitness enthusiasts who sign up don’t need to leave their home to exercise, and have the option to shut off the camera. You gain privacy, which is great for those who might feel anxious about being on camera.  

Although, if you are comfortable sharing your camera, you can get corrective cues and modifications from the instructor as they can still check to see your form.  The instructor is there to help and guide you through the exercises.  If you are just starting out with Pilates, you can use basic equipment that you may already have at home.  Or you can purchase some additional props to help you in improve the practice – though it’s certainly not required.  Performing Pilates at home has many conveniences for people.  It does have some drawbacks such as motivating yourself to show up for class.   A Denver Pilates studio class can be safer and many find working out with like minded people to be motivating.  

Why Choose Pilates Denver

The in-studio experience is hard to beat  Sure, you have to fight traffic to get to the studio, but many people find that the Denver Studio environment is what helps them to keep progressing in their practice.  The number one benefit to Denver studio Pilates is that you have all the support your need, which can make it a safer activity and help to prevent injury.  Our instructors monitor you from all angles and can correct your body in motion to perform the exercise to it’s ideal and work within your limitations. At Ultimate Serenity Denver we have all the Classical Pilates equipment you will need.  If you choose to invest in your own we can guide you to the right equipment to reach your goals.  We will show you how to use all equipment the correct way, even the Pilates Reformer.  

in-person Pilates Mat classes can be budget friendly for all levels.  With the support of your instructor and the other students in the class, many also find that they are more motivated to show up consistently each week.  If you want to workout with a friend then in-person undoubtedly provides a better experience to connect.  

In studio classes are not for everyone. You need to drive out, find child care, and head home to shower.   If that will stop you from attending class, virtual may be a better option for you.  

Practice Pilates With Us In Denver

We will be here for you for in-person and virtual Pilates classes, we provide both at Ultimate Serenity. Sign up for our classes today 

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