The clamshell is a helpful exercise to add in after your run.  Post Run Exercises focuses on the gluteus medius that lies to the back of the upper hip.  This muscle’s main job is to stabilize the hip as your run.

Many runners experience injuries related to the gluteus medius  One of the main injuries is called Runners Knee.  This can detour your run and cause pain.

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The other exercises listed in the video show many ways to strengthen the gluteus medius and prevent injuries linked to weak hip muscles.  Try the Post Run Exercises a few times per week to keep your legs feeling healthy and strong.

Another tool to try is thai massage in aurora co.  It as knows as lazy man’s yoga.  This style is favorited by many athletes because Thai bodywork combines stretching, deep pressure, and joint mobilization.  I use Thai massage often on my athletes and they find relief from running aches and pains.  For any questions or information, please leave me a comment below.


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