We are ecstatic to introduce our latest accomplishments to Denver, Colorado community.  Our goal is to ensure that we help build a healthier community through movement.  Helping individuals increase flexibility; Improve posture, improve mobility by moving pain free.  Pilates is the best low impact exercise that can be done today.

Pilates has transformed lives and it should be experienced by everyone.  Regardless of age, gender, fitness level or how flexible you are: there is a spot or YOU or any beginner.

Our new studio space is a spacious 912 square feet.  It will allow us to offer Pilates Private, Duet, Trio and couples massage classes.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you need to sign up for a class click here to book.


Our new space is on the East side of Colorado Blvd. just past Good Times Burgers.  The nearest cross streets are E. Louisiana Ave and S. Bellaire St.  The building is grey with red trim.  The building is equipped with a handicapper entrance and elevator on the rear entrance.  This location does not have showers on site.

Parking Tips

  • Park in the 4101 E. Louisiana lot.  There are 52 spaces so there is plenty of parking.  Also there is 2 hour parking on Louisiana in front of the building.
  • Over flow parking:  If by change their is no available spot, please park on S. Bellaire St.  It is one block east of the building.
  • Do not park in the VCA animal hospital lot.  Your car will be towed
  • Do not park in the Old Chicago lot as your car will also be towed.

Building Entrance

The building has two main entrances.  One in the front that has some stairs to access the main door and one in the rear of the building.  If you enter in the rear of the building go thru the double doors and up the elevator to the 1st floor.  My office is suite 100.  The building doors are locked on Saturday and Sunday.  I will need to let you in if you come to a class on a Saturday.


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Where to park is indicated by green check mark. Please avoid parking in the red "X" areas.

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