The wobble board is a tool that you should know how to use.  If you are like most runners, you dislike strength training.  Strength training can be boring or involve gym machine that you do not know how to operate.  Yes, it is much easier to log miles then lace up your sneakers for weight training.  I hear this all to often from my runner clients.

I have a solution that you should consider adding to your home gym and it is called the wobble board.  The wobble board teaches you stability and it will help improve ankle stability while running.

The wobble board exercises

These can be used with 1 leg for more of a challenge or start with 2 legs until you find your balance.  Start on the wobble board with both feet on and just rock back and forth and try to keep the board from touching the sides.  Easier said then done, I know.  Next try rocking from side to side without touching the front or back.  Lastly, try around the world.  This challenges the stability of the muscles that support your ankle.  Roll the wobble board in a 360 or a complete circle.  Touch all the sides of the board to the floor.

Useful tips

Always step on the wobble board from the back by planting your foot in the middle of the board.  Having both feet on the wobble board makes it easier to find you balance.  Remember just like when you are standing make sure your posture is good.  Keep you shoulders away from your ears and stand up with a tall spine.  Make sure to put the wobble board on a non-slip surface like a yoga mat.

If you have any questions about any wobble board exercise, please leave me a comment and I’ll reply with an answer.

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