Benefits of Thai massage

by Lisa Wolkerstorfer

You must have tried many kinds of messages over the course of your life.  This is especially a way to relax muscles within the Denver running community.  There are many kinds of massages that you have tried but Thai massage will beat most of your past experiences. This art has been around for about 2500 years which was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha in China. This art moved to Thailand later where the Chinese traditions influenced the major form of this massage. The main theme which makes Thai massage stands out from the rest of massages is that it is more energizing and rigorous.

The massage therapist conducting the Thai massage will use his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to move your whole body in a series of yoga like postures which will stretch your body and limbs in a prescribed manner. Aside from this, there is also muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure during the session which will help the women who are active in running and cycling which puts more stress on your joints. You can go through Thai massage without taking off your clothes. You will just have to take your shoes off and lie on a mat on the floor. Gentle compression and stretching techniques are used to relax the muscles and open up the body, starting from the legs and moving up towards the shoulders. Like other massages, oil is also not used and the session usually lasts about a couple of hours at max.

Thai massage specializes in reflexology which pays special attention to the lower part of the body including the legs and feet. This is a particular things woman in the Denver running circle will benefit out of the most as the end result causes them to better connect with the earth and have healthy leg and knee joints. Another benefit is the deep relaxation it provides. This is done when pressure is applied to a specific artery for about a minute so it slows down the heart contraction bringing the pressure down. Once the pressure is released it brings a relaxed feeling all through the body. However, if you are a heart patient this technique is ill-advised. Another benefit of rnrnthai massage denver colorado includes the reduction of overall stress, improvement in circulation, increase in energy and more agility. This is because of the increase in motion range of the body and mind alike.

Thai massage can be couple with aromatic therapy which enhances the benefits of both methods of relieving stress and body pain in one session. Usage of herbs and heated compress can also bring this enhanced effect in your Thai massage session. It allows the muscle and joints to have greater movement and flexibility which is the foremost requirement of any women who is an active runner or cyclist.

The herbs used can also heal long time injuries that sprung up in every long cycling or running session.
Therefore, if you want to keep your body in shape for the next weekend run, schedule Thai massage and feel the short term effects in one session and long run effect after some weeks of therapy.

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