Massage And Discomfort

When you seek out massage you need to ask yourself what is the goal you have in mind.  Do you want pain relief or you just want to feel good and forget about your stressful day?  If you are seeking pain relief certain types of massage can help but they can be associated with discomfort during the massage.  If you have a knot in a particular spot or if you have not received a massage in a while more pressure is needed but you should be able to breath through the work.

Pain Scale:

Is a scale rated from 1-10 and is a helpful tool when communicating with your therapist.  A 1-4 range is light to moderate work with minor discomfort.  A 5-8 range is just the right range to get rid of the knots.  The client should be able to breathe and take some moderate discomfort to work out the kinks.  Anything more than a 8 is not going to benefit the client.  There is no sense working and the client is making faces and can barely breath through the massage work.  Ideally, I like to work in the 6-8 range so the client gets the most benefit but every person has different pain tolerances so communication is the key.

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People seek massage for different results:

  1. Knots or constant pain from a nagging injury
  2. Stress Relief
  3. Sports Related
  4. A treat

Massage Goal:

You need to know what kind of goal you are looking for when you seek out a massage.  Communicate with the therapist on your needs, comfort level to avoid any unnecessary pain during the massage.  The massage therapist is not a mind reader, but most of the times they can pick up on if you are not enjoying the work.  If you ware looking to relax from a stressful day make sure to say that so the therapist can adjust the massage to what your looking for.  If you are in Denver Colorado and looking for a therapist that will listen to you goals and address your bodies problem areas, give us a call at Ultimate Serenity.

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