Date:  Saturday 10/10/16

After a few long plane rides 26 hours worth me and my travel mate Christa arrived in Bangkok airport.  This place was large.  We searched for a taxi and got one to our hotel for 311 baht ($8 US) so about $4 each. They have meters but they tend not to use them and sometimes over charge but we negotiated for a better rate.  It was so weird seeing everyone drive on the opposite side of the road.  There were so many mopeds and kid you not, they had like 3-4 people on them.  That was so funny.  We stayed at the Bedroom Boutique Hotel.  They had a wonderful double glass doors as you enter a grand lobby with a big couch that I thought would be great for morning coffee.

After a much needed night of broken sleep we had breakfast as a group down stairs.  Breakfast was not included and cost 220 baht so about &7 US.  The hotel had omelets, juice bar, bacon and 4 Thai dishes I didn’t try yet.  We headed out after breakfast near by to some street markets.  Wow that was a eye opener.  There were tons of vendors selling all kinds of food in what looked like a back alley way.  We stopped for a Thai massage Colorado.

Thai massage place in thailand

Which was so cheap.  Christa, Ann and myself received a 60 minutes Thai massage and body scrub with coconut oil and sea salt.  We spent 550 Bhat ($15.68 US) each.  I could not believe how little it cost.  The building had many floors.  We walked up 3 flights of stairs to a large room sectioned of with curtains for doors.  It smelled so good.  After the scrub they had you take a shower and my skin felt so good.  The Thai massage was down stairs in a room with 2 other people.  It was well needed after a long trip.

Lunch:  We ate the Big C market.  This place sells everything from clothes, phone cases to food.  We exchanged our money  and a bank inside the marketplace.  My lunch was so delicious.  I had some shrimp and pad Thai noodles with not spice.  I took a picture of some weird ducks hanging because it looked cool.  Lunch was a grand total of 67 baht with drink ($1.67 US).  We shopped a little bit before heading back to the hotel.

Dinner:  We all went to Siam Niramit for a dinner and a show.  We had the hotel hire us a drive with a large van to accommodate all of us.  It cost 2,200 baht ($70 US).  It was a very informational about the history of Thai culture.  The only hiccup was I got separated from the group for about 30 mins while using the restroom.  They were in the restaurant but I didn’t know where that was.  We met up and had a terrific meal before the show.  I had all I could do to stay awake during the show.  I kept rocking back and forth to pay attention.  Stephan was sleeping next to me.  It was a long day of travel the day before and we were all feeling the effects.  The theater had comfortable movie seats that just made you want to sleep.  The stage started and somehow there was a river on the stage.  That was breathtaking.  Thai boats floated on the water and a elephant was even part of the show.  I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel.


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