Ultimate Fit Club

Redefine your movement experience

Rooted in Pilates and functional fitness training, Ultimate Fit Club offers a vast library of fun workouts you can take with you anywhere, no matter what level you are at.  Ultimate Fit Club  is perfect for busy stay at home parents, remote employees, or anyone seeking home-based workouts.  I make it easy to achieve your health goals with fun, low impact classes.

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Get Stronger

Pilates helps you link the mind to the body to build muscle and bone strength.

Improve Mobility

Pilates exercises are designed to move the body in all ranges of motion.  The more mobile your spine is, the less pain you have.

Weekly Calendar

I plan a weekly calendar each week so you don’t have to think about it.  I put together a plan of weights and Pilates.

Fitness Made Simple, without changing your busy schedule

The Fit Club is an home solution to help community learn to move and heal their bodies with functional fitness.  With over 20 years’ experience, I am committed to bringing you online workouts that move your body, energize your mind, and provide correctional cues for exercising in the proper form.  I want YOU to be strong and healthy and have great balance.  Press play and start to move-it’s that simple!

Enjoy a fun, and easy to follow method developed by Joseph Pilates that will correct your posture, lengthen muscles, and increase flexibility, all in the privacy of your home.  Carving out time for yourself can be difficult, our workouts are designed to give you maximum benefit in the time you have available.  If you’re ready to take the next step with your fitness journey, I can’t wait for you to join our community!


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Live life without pain or limitations

It is more important than ever to take care of the body that you have. Make time for yourself and fall in love with fitness again. Let me program your workout routine so you can stay consistent with exercise. Showing up, pressing play is all you have to do. We offer more than just Pilates, check out our classes.

Spine Stretch Roller

Mobility & Stretching

Easy to follow classes, with music. Pick from stretching, foam roller or post workout stretch session.

Strength & Cardio

Want to strengthen weak muscles and get your heart rate up? I designed classes for people over 40. Do you have injuries, no problem as our classes are low impact.

Partner Stretching

Learn some basic Thai massage moves and surprise your partner for date night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly members can cancel at any time without fees or hidden charges.  All you need to do is submit a cancellation request.

No, we have many workouts that require zero equipment. Other workouts will specify if any additional equipment is needed like a small ball or ring. Most prop workouts can be modified to use no equipment at all.  Feel free to check out my equipment recommendations video for Items I personally use.

Due to the digital nature of our videos, we do not offer refunds for the monthly membership plans, but you can cancel at anytime by sending us a message.

There are so many reason to join a support group! The best feature is the community, and everything outside of the fit club will be listed in the group: Q&A’s, trainings, and notifications will be posted in the group. It is a valuable resource to learn, and post your progress. To get the best bang for your buck, participation is key. You can also just stop in to check once in awhile and not post a single thing.

The membership includes members only classes, specialized Pilates programs, guidance from Lisa and more.  It’s Pilates with an outline, motivation and support to get the most from your home workouts.  The Ultimate Fit Club focuses on the quality of movement and you get personal contact with the teacher (me).

Yes.  There are a variety of classes to choose from, including a Beginner 4 week program and Advanced Beginner classes.  In addition, members have access to functional fitness workouts that included weight training and stability ball workouts.  You also get access to me and can ask any questions.

With a well developed workout plan, Pilates can maintain strength, stamina, flexibility and improve your balance.  Pilates is the icing on the cake to your fitness routine.