Top 3 reasons to get a massage this holiday season

The Christmas season can be a busy time of year filled with out of town family, catching up with old friends, office parties, and travel. Don’t stress the small stuff.  Take care of your wellbeing during all the chaos.

A great way to beat the holiday stress is to schedule a massage.  It will allow you a hour to relieve some build up stress.  Here are my top 3 reasons to pamper yourself this Christmas season.

1.  Stress

November – January is a stressful time of the year for all of us.  You have family gatherings, meal preparations, planning for parties and then you stop in your tracks and realize you still have holiday shopping.  Make room in your budge to take care of yourself with a massage.  You take the time to care for others but what about you?  A massage will get rid of unwanted tension, leaving you feeling ready to conquer your to-do-list.

2.  To many hours not enough rest.

Along with the stress you put on your mind comes the taxing hours on your body.  You think to yourself too much to do and there are not enough hours in the day.  Give your body some rest.  The baking, meal preparation, house cleaning, and endless hours of driving can wait an hour.  Treat yourself to a massage and relieve those sore achy muscles.

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3.  Temperature change

The winters in Colorado can get cold at times.  When the weather conditions change your muscles can get tight.  During the winter season, people often experience backaches, joint pain, and dry skin, which can put you in a grumpy mood and take the cheer out of your holiday spirit.  In Colorado, we don’t experience too much snow but when it snows that equals shoveling.  A massage can help when you throw your back out unexpectedly by stretching and working those problem areas.

Take a step back this season and take a break from all the chaos.  Schedule some “me” time and enjoy 60 minutes of rejuvenation.  You deserve it.  Massage is necessary to keep your mind and body connected.

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