Benefits of massage for athletes

by:  Lisa Wolkerstorfer


The benefits of a sports massage for athletes is aimed at pain relief or the healing after an event.  This may not be accepted by regular science.   If you ask any pro-athlete, they will tell you that every massage after a big race is essential.  They will tell you that massage aids in relaxing their muscles.   Massage also expedites the healing process after a painful workout or season routine.  Some of the actual benefits of a sports massage include:

Reduces pain

If you have been an athlete or cyclist throughout your life, you know very well that the pain doesn’t go.  Pain does not go away after 30 like it used to go when you were in your twenties.  The pain stays with you longer once you are on the wrong side of 30. Therefore, you need a stimulant to increase the healing process. A post run massage helps in doing exactly that. In 2010, the NIH released a study that found massage therapy in an acute care setting reduced pain.  It also reduced the amount of pain medication needed.  As a result, patients were able to sleep easier, had less anxiety and better morale.

Improve circulation

A deep tissue massage like a Thai massage is known to increase the circulation of blood in the body. This also enhances the flow of oxygen which enhances performance when you get back in the training ground or the actual field the next time. Athletes should seek out a sports massage therapist that has significant experience dealing with sportsmen and women over the age of 30.

Reduce stress

The stress of performing in a match is more than a surgeon carrying out a complex surgery.  Since a sports massage induces better sleep, the amount of stress on a body reduces.  Therefore, a good sports massage is an effective way of reducing game anxiety before the athlete actually steps out on the field.

Diminishes tissue damage                                              

A deep tissue massage Denver Co helps in diminishing the tissue damage most athletes have in their 20s.  Come 30s, these old scars start to pain more in difficult climates and sporting pressures.   Pain results in stiffness and further tissue damage.  Muscular stiffness can be avoided by receiving a sports massage by a therapist that is trained in the lymphatic drainage technique.

Injury prevention

In addition to being a post recovery option, a sports massage is also a good preventive measure from injury in the field or training.  It does so by keeping the body’s tissues healthy and activating the release of energy needed for muscle recovery after a long workout.

Enhance performance

Yes, we are taking about serious energy released by the muscles from within and not by taking performance enhancing drugs.  A regular sports massage is a legal way of enhancing sports performance in men and women especially after thirty years of age.  A full range of motion in the body will become easier once the area has been reduced of all tissue damage and pain.  Thus making the body performs the way you need.

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