Bike Route

I burned some extra calories today by going on a 90-minute bike ride up the 36 trail to Bolder.  I turned around at Flatt Irons Crossing.  My total mileage was 28 miles round trip with an average speed of 16 MPH.

I do enjoy biking in Colorado.  We moved from MN and only had a few trails to choose from.  MN is the most unfriendly bike state.  You can’t ride on the sidewalks, people honk at you because you are on their road, and it has too many snow days to count.

How do I stay in shape?  I choose to lead a healthy lifestyle and make time for physical activity.  I cook and eat healthy food and do not eat red meat or partake in fast food.   Do you want to look better?  My answer is to bike more and find an exercise activity that you enjoy!

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