How to set up your workout space for virtual workouts?

Many people are asking how to set up their space for our virtual training sessions.  You typically have 2 options when doing virtual workouts and they are: OnDemand Workout that is a prerecorded or virtual interactive personal session or a group class.

What do you need for your home workout space?

You will need a yoga mat and an area free of clutter, so you can move freely.  Pick a corner of a room that has all your equipment that you will need for the workouts close by.  Most videos will specify what you will need for the workout you choose.

Equipment you may want to consider buying for your fitness area

  • A Stability Ball (make sure to buy the one for your height)
  • Foam Roller
  • Resistance Bands of different strength
  • Yoga Mat
  • Light and heavy set of Dumbbells 5 to 10 pounds

The most important thing to have in a virtual workout session is a laptop positioned where the instructor can see the entire person.  If I cannot see you move, it will be hard for me to make form corrections, so you do not get injured.   You can also purchase an inexpensive tripod for your phone and that provides a better view and it will not move or fall.

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I hope you consider these tips on your next workout and you are able to get your space up and ready for your next virtual workout.  If you would like a private session, you can sign up on my website.


Don’t miss a workout because your gym is closed, and you don’t know to workout at home.  I also have a free exercise library on YouTube that you can check out.  I am in the process of building a subscription based on demand video library for Pilates that will be coming soon.

If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment below.  Stay Well.


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