Private Pilates Denver

Private Pilates Denver is a hidden gem in University Hills neighborhood.  Our botique studio offers Pilates and Massage.  The Pilates Method is a total body workout developed by Joseph H. Pilates.   This method is tried and true.  In the recent years, Pilates has become more popular as more people are seeking a safer and low impact total body workout.
One of the many benefits of Pilates is strengthen and lengthening muscles.   It improves your posture and  reduces your injury risk. Pilates is system of movements that connects one exercise to the next.  You learn to focus on breath, concentration and linking the mind to the body.  Each Pilates session at our Pilates in Denver is tailored to the specific goal and abilities of the individual.  
The movements require control, coordination, balance, concentration and precision which are part of the Pilates principals.  You can try the mat workout listed below and see how Pilates  can make a positive change in your body.  The Pilates method is the perfect workout for all ages and fitness levels.  You can workout with no equipment and build upon the basics.  When your ready for a challenge and you have mastered the basics, purchase a magic circle prop to challenge your body in a whole new way.  If you want to work with me, I have free workouts on YouTube or you can take an class in person at our studio in Denver.

Here at Ultimate Serenity Pilates Denver we offer Massage therapy, Private, Semi-Private and small group equipment classes.  Clients at Pilates Denver start at the Beginning and build upon the foundations to advance in the Pilates method.  We are more than just a place to workout.  We are a small studio where we teach you about movement patterns and how to decrease pain.  If you are in Denver and are looking to decrease low back pain or recovering from an injury, give us a call. 

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