Is your desk job causing you pain?

Millions of Americans have a job where it requires us to sit and type on a computer for 8-10 hours a day.  If you are the typical American you sit at your desk to eat your lunch instead of giving your body a much-needed hour break.  I see clients come to my practice complaining of sore necks, shoulders, and typical job-related stress.   A typical case is a client comes in with shoulder pain.  I try to explain how having tight chest muscles can cause your shoulders to round forward and cause you to experience pain in your upper back.  My advice usually consists of these 5 tips.

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  1. Making sure your workstation i is ergonomically correct and puts your body in the correct position
  2. Take breaks from your computer during the days.  5 minutes goes a long way.
  3. Stretch.  I can’t stress the word STRETCH enough.  You can never stretch too much.
  4. Self Care:  if you have a foam roller that means using it 3-4x per week.  It will help loosen those tight muscles in-between your massages.  After a long day of work, it will be calling your name.
  5.  Massage:  Get on a maintenance plan of once every 4 weeks just to keep everything in check.  Your car requires maintenance and so does your body.  You only have 1 so take care of it.

My typical clients are athletes, weekend warriors, or individuals recovering from an injury.  If you’re in need of a massage, you may book online at

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