Small Business Saturday Sale

Were wrapping up our 5th year as a small business with some sweet savings for you! It’s that time of year again; as the cold of old man winter set in, nothing beats a hour of silence and a heated massage table.

Small Business Saturday Deals:
On Saturday November 25th, Ultimate Serenity is offering a one hour massage and aromatherapy foot soak for $68 (save 10%)

*This sale is only Valid Saturday November 25th, 2017, and can only be purchased on-line*



Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage

Benefits of Thai massage

by Lisa Wolkerstorfer

You must have tried many kinds of messages over the course of your life.  This is especially a way to relax muscles within the Denver running community.  There are many kinds of massages that you have tried but Thai massage will beat most of your past experiences. This art has been around for about 2500 years which was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha in China. This art moved to Thailand later where the Chinese traditions influenced the major form of this massage. The main theme which makes Thai massage stands out from the rest of massages is that it is more energizing and rigorous.

The massage therapist conducting the Thai massage will use his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to move your whole body in a series of yoga like postures which will stretch your body and limbs in a prescribed manner. Aside from this, there is also muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure during the session which will help the women who are active in running and cycling which puts more stress on your joints. You can go through Thai massage without taking off your clothes. You will just have to take your shoes off and lie on a mat on the floor. Gentle compression and stretching techniques are used to relax the muscles and open up the body, starting from the legs and moving up towards the shoulders. Like other massages, oil is also not used and the session usually lasts about a couple of hours at max.

Thai massage specializes in reflexology which pays special attention to the lower part of the body including the legs and feet. This is a particular things woman in the Denver running circle will benefit out of the most as the end result causes them to better connect with the earth and have healthy leg and knee joints. Another benefit is the deep relaxation it provides. This is done when pressure is applied to a specific artery for about a minute so it slows down the heart contraction bringing the pressure down. Once the pressure is released it brings a relaxed feeling all through the body. However, if you are a heart patient this technique is ill-advised. Another benefit of Thai massage includes the reduction of overall stress, improvement in circulation, increase in energy and more agility. This is because of the increase in motion range of the body and mind alike.

Thai massage can be couple with aromatic therapy which enhances the benefits of both methods of relieving stress and body pain in one session. Usage of herbs and heated compress can also bring this enhanced effect in your Thai massage session. It allows the muscle and joints to have greater movement and flexibility which is the foremost requirement of any women who is an active runner or cyclist.

The herbs used can also heal long time injuries that sprung up in every long cycling or running session.
Therefore, if you want to keep your body in shape for the next weekend run, schedule Thai massage and feel the short term effects in one session and long run effect after some weeks of therapy.

2107 Price Change

Price Change 2017

I want you to be among the first to receive the news of our updated menu for Ultimate Serenity so you can make plans to take care of your body in the coming year.

To meet your individual needs and busy schedule I am offering new and interesting varieties of sessions & times. My sessions are blended for your individual needs and you will have a unique and personally tailored session each time so you receive the best results.  Session perks can include, vacuum cupping, Thai herbal Balm, hot towels, massage tools, and passive stretching techniques.

If you require a specific time or a customized package please let me know and we can possibly set up an evening or Sunday appointment. It’s important that you get the care you need.

Old pricing:

  • A single 60 minute massage session $69

  • A single 90 minute massage session $95

  • (5) 60-minute sessions $255

  • (5) 90-minute sessions $380

March 1, 2017 New Prices:   (This will not effect established clients that have been with me for 1 year.)

  • A single 60 minute massage session $75

    A single 90 minute massage session $100

  • (5) 60-minute sessions $265  (Reg. $375 Save $100)

  • (5) 90-minute sessions $390 (Reg. $500 Save $115)

You can always save $10 by paying in cash.

 I’m always continuing my education to enhance my services, this is what happened in 2016: In October, I attended  Thai massage classes in Thailand.  I was able to incorporate my newly learned methods into massage sessions. So far the feedback from clients continues to be enthusiastic and enjoyable!


Valentine’s Day Massage

Show the special someone you love with the gift of massage this Valentine’s Day.  It’s a unique gift to give.   Massage lasts longer than chocolates or roses. The service starts with a relaxing foot soak in dead sea salt and a nice essential oil while you sip on some tea and enjoy a nice sweet treat of 2 chocolate strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Followed by a Swedish massage so you can relax to the sounds of the ocean.  You will be ready for that special dinner with your significant other.  Sorry I do not offer couples massages.

Service includes:

  • Foot soak & Coconut salt scrub (10 mins)
  • 60 minute massage
  • Hot Tea and Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • a bath salt or handcrafted soap to take home

Book online, email or by calling 303-526-6579.  Please leave a message with the receptionist and I will return your call within 1 hour.  If you are allergic to strawberries please let us know so other arrangements can be made before your massage.

Price: $85 each person

Day:  Tuesday, February 14th only!

No deal vouchers or massage packages can be used for this special service.



Bennefits of massage for athletes

Benefits of massage for athletes

by:  Lisa Wolkerstorfer


The benefits of a sports massage for athletes is aimed at pain relief or the healing after an event.  This may not be accepted by regular science.   If you ask any pro-athlete, they will tell you that every massage after a big race is essential.  They will tell you that massage aids in relaxing their muscles.   Massage also expedites the healing process after a painful workout or season routine.  Some of the actual benefits of a sports massage include:

Reduces pain

If you have been an athlete or cyclist throughout your life, you know very well that the pain doesn’t go.  Pain does not go away after 30 like it used to go when you were in your twenties.  The pain stays with you longer once you are on the wrong side of 30. Therefore, you need a stimulant to increase the healing process. A sports massage helps in doing exactly that. In 2010, the NIH released a study that found massage therapy in an acute care setting reduced pain.  It also reduced the amount of pain medication needed.  As a result, patients were able to sleep easier, had less anxiety and better morale.

Improve circulation

A deep tissue massage like a Thai massage is known to increase the circulation of blood in the body. This also enhances the flow of oxygen which enhances performance when you get back in the training ground or the actual field the next time. Athletes should seek out a sports massage therapist that has significant experience dealing with sportsmen and women over the age of 30.

Reduce stress

The stress of performing in a match is more than a surgeon carrying out a complex surgery.  Since a sports massage induces better sleep, the amount of stress on a body reduces.  Therefore, a good sports massage is an effective way of reducing game anxiety before the athlete actually steps out on the field.

Diminishes tissue damage                                              

A deep tissue massage helps in diminishing the tissue damage most athletes have in their 20s.  Come 30s, these old scars start to pain more in difficult climates and sporting pressures.   Pain results in stiffness and further tissue damage.  Muscular stiffness can be avoided by receiving a sports massage by a therapist that is trained in the lymphatic drainage technique.

Injury prevention

In addition to being a post recovery option, a sports massage is also a good preventive measure from injury in the field or training.  It does so by keeping the body’s tissues healthy and activating the release of energy needed for muscle recovery after a long workout.

Enhance performance

Yes, we are taking about serious energy released by the muscles from within and not by taking performance enhancing drugs.  A regular sports massage is a legal way of enhancing sports performance in men and women especially after thirty years of age.  A full range of motion in the body will become easier once the area has been reduced of all tissue damage and pain.  Thus making the body performs the way you need.


New Years Resolutions Goals

New Years Resolutions Goals

Food Goals

Make your goals sustainable, measureable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive.  This will help you make goals you can reach.  I suggest eating a healthier diet and not give up certain foods because you will just crave them.


I suggest joining a local gym to burn some of those unwanted calories.  You can see if the gym offers a trial membership before signing a full contract.  Most gyms have small group fitness classes offered at reasonable hours.  If you need extra help try hiring a personal trainer.  If you need extra attention I am available for hour sessions or 30 minute sessions.  I can accommodate time crunch you may have.  You can schedule an appointment on-line any time by going to

Social Media

Get the most support by post your goals on your facebook page or other social media page.  Enlist your friends to help keep you accountable.  If your craving a food or missed a workout, your friends will give you the boost you need to reach your goal.  A support system in place is crucial in reaching your new goals.  This can be family, friends or co-workers.

Ride Your Bike to Work

Reach your goals in no time by commuting via bicycle.  Riding your bike to work will improve your mood, sleep habits and overall health.  Choosing this form of transportation will save you the money.  You can cut your gas bill in half just by taking the bus and biking the rest of the way to work.  It does not have to be a fancy bike.  Pick a bike that is comfortable and can get you from place A to place B.  I myself ride a single speed bike for commuting and a road bike for longer rides.

January Massage Specials:

Gift Certificates
Buy 2 get one 50% off – In office purchase
Buy 3 get one free

Partner Table Massage Class

Partners Massage Class

This is a class for couples who wish to learn  basic table massage techniques or better their existing massage skills.  The area that we are working on will be exposed and the rest of the body will be fully draped.  It is a fun and relaxing way for couples to learn and relax at the same time!  The class is limited to 2 couples to make sure you get the individual attention you need.  The techniques  Swedish massage & some basic passive stretching .

What to expect:

Any couples (21 years of age or older) are welcome to attend this workshop and will receive direct, hands on training from Lisa who will teach you and your partner the same techniques she uses on a daily basis!  The pace will be set by you and your partner to ensure everyone learns and benefits the same amount during the workshop.  The lecture is kept short and sweet so you can give and receive a 45 minute massage.  A changing area will be provided, workout shorts and yoga attire are recommended for the least amount of restrictions!   Blankets will be provided for additional coverage and warmth.  We welcome any questions and will provide detailed responses to any concerns you or your partner may have by calling or emailing the office.  

Typical Questions:

1.  Will any area be exposed?  Yes, only the area the is being worked.  I provide a top sheet and a blanket for draping purposes.   I will provide a spa towel with Velcro so when it is time to work the back the giver will just have to undo the receivers Velcro to expose the back.

2.  Will there be a table used for the class?  Yes and it will be provided.

Classes: $150 the day of class

Hurry Space is limited to 2 couples!  Pre-Registration is required!

Partners Massage 101  
Class Sign-up

Sunday September 14, 2016 from  3 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

This workshop is for learning purposes only. You will not receive any certificate, upon completion.

You will receive a

  • Handouts of Swedish massage techniques
  • An E-mailed easy to follow couples massage Video
  • A sample of massage lotion for home use